Spring Morning Scent: German Chamomile

This morning I was outside with my camera taking photos of what is going on in the garden at the moment, when I noticed a strong, lovely scent. I couldn’t think of anything I had in that area that was scented. But as I stood there sniffing, I realised it was familiar. Chamomile tea.


German chamomile (or matricaria chamomilla as labeled). I hadn’t noticed the strong scent before today. But the flowers seem to be dying down and it had been raining overnight. Perhaps these things had something to do with it.

This chamomile is a star. It germinated from seed directly in the garden. I saw my first ladybird on it in spring. It’s a delicate looking plant but this one has been stepped on a lot. It survived the cold winter in a shady position, with no extra watering. It competed with the many, much bigger and more vigorous plants had around it. And it smells really good too.  The smell was wafting up to me from a metre and a half below. Pretty good for a ground level plant.


It’s apparently an annual. I can’t remember whether you’re supposed to plant it in spring or autumn, or either, but I think I sowed the seed last spring. Which makes me wonder if it’s about to start behaving like an annual, and die. I wish I had harvested some flowers to make some tea with.

I sowed The Lost Seed seeds, which I get from a local green grocer. I might sow some more.


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