Late Summer Harvest

I should have taken a photo of my one perfect, delicious fig. But I ate it straight away. So here is a more accurate idea of what I’m getting out of my garden:


I’ve not been keeping up with the garden at all. I don’t know when to pick my Golden Bantam corn, I’m either too early or too late. Even the chooks ignore it when it’s too old. Maybe I picked this one ear of corn at the right time…


The carrots I thought I was too late on but they taste quite good. There are two varieties here – the little knobbly ones (Paris Market I think?) and longer stubby ones whose name escapes me. I’ll update this after I check in the shed. I definitely had more luck with orange varieties than the purple ones I sowed this year.


I only planted my rhubarb last winter but the clumps seem pretty large so I thought it was safe to pick some. It’s in the oven now, using a method I read in a Maggie Beer book. Chopped in 3cm lengths, sprinkled with brown sugar and a splash of orange juice, and roasted in a cast iron casserole with lid on in a 200 degree Celsius oven for ten minutes.


My tomato bushes seem to be dying off early this year and I feel it’s because I’ve done something wrong – too much water? Too little? Nonetheless, we’re getting plenty of fruit as the bushes grew very large and flowered profusely. Green Zebra, Tommy Toes, and ………


Some celery. I definitely should have picked this when it was crisp and green, as it has a slightly bitter aftertaste, but the flavour is really delicious. I didn’t thin these out so they’re quite little but I think given I left them in too long it’s worked in my favour.


There are a few conspicuous absentees. Cucumbers! And greens. I don’t know, it just got so hot and I wasn’t organised and I was a bit tired of the garden.  And there are potatoes in the garden but I’m yet to dig up to see what’s happening with them. A separate post perhaps.

And now it’s time to be thinking about winter plantings.


One thought on “Late Summer Harvest

  1. How yum does that all look! And you managed all that without really trying too hard? I’m in awe :). With your corn, do you try the prick test (where you pierce the kernel to see if the juice runs milky or clear)? That seemed to help the most when I last grew corn. If in doubt giving it an extra day seemed to help.


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