Signs of Spring or Sprinter?

Gardening has really changed my perception of the seasons.



It’s only early August and it’s still freezing but the days are getting longer, the shadows are getting shorter, and there’s movement in the garden. My goji berries have tiny green shoots, the asparagus is emerging, and the broad beans are starting to flower.

I’ve only been gardening in earnest for a few years and I’m not that familiar with the local climate and its effects on spring flowering things. Is this worrisomely  early? We’ve had weeks and weeks of rain and grey days, with a few short bursts of sunshine in between. So maybe the plants get tricked. Or maybe this is what they usually do around here. Maybe this is sprinter?

At any rate, pre-garden August used to feel like a really hard slog to me. Like high winter. Now I feel like it’s one of the best times of year – this gorgeous time between the shortest day of the year and the spring equinox. Feeling both excited by the opportunities and slightly panicked by all the jobs I need to do.









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