Gardeners, Check Your Asparagus Patch….

Or your harvest will look like this:


Look, they still taste great. But they’re really long. Like 40-50cm. You turn your back on asparagus for a few days, especially when it’s raining a lot, and you’ve got … a lot of asparagus to eat. Which is no hardship of course. This is from my patch of eight plants that I’m harvesting from this year. I think it’s a good number if you like asparagus a lot – seems to be around the equivalent of two shop-sized bunches a week at the moment.  Rock on asparagus.



2 thoughts on “Gardeners, Check Your Asparagus Patch….

  1. Now those are some long spears! Good to know what kind of a yield you get from eight plants. I’ve been wanting to plant asparagus for awhile but their position is kind of a long term commitment and I’m not sure where to put them. Love the different varieties you’ve got growing – beautiful as well as tasty by the looks of things 🙂


    • Hi Julie,

      And the good thing was the long ones tasted fine, great in fact. I wasnt really sure that I had found my long-term spot for mine either, but you can dig them up and move them in winter and I just wanted to get some in. I think once all 11 plants are providing there will be 3-4 shop sized bunches a week. Im so gushing about growing asparagus. Got to be in my top 5 edibles to grow at home. I cant say I can detect a difference in flavour but my pallet is not as sensitive as some. Cheers 🙂

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