First Day of Winter: Odd Jobs and a Modest Harvest

First day of winter and the sun is shining and I can feel my toes. Unlike yesterday. Doing a little gardening and not having anyone else to cater for at lunchtime, thought I’d just eat from the garden.

So I’m having a salad of lettuce (few varieties, grown from seedlings), mint, coriander and parsley, radish, and beetroot. I’ll add fetta, and then have an egg (we are getting an egg each day at the moment which I’m putting down to one of the new chooks. Never had eggs before in winter, so quite excited) with a piece of toast. Here they are picking through the radish and beetroot leaves. Once they’re finished I scrape it all up and pop it on the compost pile.

I’m topping up garden beds today and have two areas to plant out. The first is this empty triangle in my vegie patch. I’m going to plant out more beetroot, lettuce, spinach, spring onions, onions, leeks, and broad beans, once I figure out where I want them. One more triangle to finish, but I’ve got to go and pick up free used bricks from Melbourne and Woodend first. Hopefully this weekend.

And then there is new area of bed between my espaliered apples (you cans see the apple leaves browning off on the fan-espaliered tree to the right of pic) and baby strawberry guava to the left, in the bed which dissects my backyard rectangle  mid-way. I’ve decided to plant a dwarf deciduous fruit tree there to provide shade form the south-west in summer.

So now I have an exciting choice to make. I’m thinking a dwarf apple or a mulberry. I know the strawberry guava will get shaded in summer but I’m interested to see if it prefers that. I have another spot in the garden where I plant to attempt a loose hedge of them anyway. The other option is a lemon tree but I know that will grow so slowly here…decisions, decisions. The best of decisions.



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