Plant Form: Evergreen Shrubs and Perennials

I haven’t posted much on garden design in my first year of blogging but I am constantly thinking about it and its equally as important to me as having a functional edible garden. A lot of the time I am thinking about which evergreen shrubs and other plants I can use which will form the body and shape the spaces in my garden.


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Edible Garden Design: Observing your Garden

Delaying Gratification

When we moved into our home, I hadn’t had much experience gardening and I had a fairly bare backyard. What was planted was largely getting the chop. Having wanted my own garden for a good 15 years or more before I was able to get one, I was overwhelmed by what I wanted to do – and I wanted to do it all instantly. But there is benefit in taking a bit of time to plan your garden I think, even if it is agonizing. I started by observing how my garden’s aspect and the local climate interacted. I watched the sun and the frost and learned about my soil.


The almost blank slate – a bit of work to do!

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