About Artichokes: Growing and Harvesting

Artichokes are a plant I was so excited to get in the garden. I love how they look in the garden and I love eating them. But….. I’m not sure how I feel about preparing and cooking them at home.


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The Frost Garden: Vegies

We don’t seem to have had as much frost this year as last. It’s been raining a lot. But this morning we had what passes for a heavier frost in our backyard, so I thought I’d show you how the winter vegies I have growing cope.

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Choosing Apple Varieties

An Obsession in the Making

This winter I planted 17 dwarf heritage variety apples along two fence lines. Originally I had a vague idea of planting three or four apples in a traditional espalier form along a seven metre stretch of a fence.

But instead I ended up with these:


Seven of my 17 dwarf apples. These are on M26 rootstock, to be trained as oblique cordons – angled singled stemmed espalier form.

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Stepover Apples

In the winter of 2015 I’ve planted seven stepover apples along the top of a tall retaining wall, oriented north-south, in a position that gets full sun all year. At the moment some of them are behind some raised beds and so their roots will be shaded from the afternoon sun in summer.


Position for stepovers with two of the seen trees planted.

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