Harvesting and Eating Beetroot

I’ve got this beetroot crop ready to harvest and have been reading up on ways to use it.

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Extending Your Harvest: Garlic

Garlic Planting Time

It’s autumn in the southern hemisphere, and not too late to plant your garlic. I still have two bulbs to plant myself. And if you haven’t already bought your garlic there is still time.  Choosing which varieties to plant is really important.

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Choosing Apple Varieties

An Obsession in the Making

This winter I planted 17 dwarf heritage variety apples along two fence lines. Originally I had a vague idea of planting three or four apples in a traditional espalier form along a seven metre stretch of a fence.

But instead I ended up with these:


Seven of my 17 dwarf apples. These are on M26 rootstock, to be trained as oblique cordons – angled singled stemmed espalier form.

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