Spring: October in the Garden

There’s been a lot of growth in the last month. We’ve had a lot of warm weather so far this spring, but I’m not sure if this is typical for this time of year. I seem to spend every spare moment in the garden doing little jobs – sowing seeds, thinning seedlings, feeding liquid fertiliser, and picking a few bits and pieces.


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Spring: September in the Garden

We live in a cool temperate climate. We get a lot of frost in winter, and often times (or so I’m told, but we have only lived here for 18 months) late frosts in spring, but hot summers. Autumn 2015 was pretty warm until May. Then it has felt relentlessly very cold, including as I type this.  This year was the first year I’ve been planting up my food garden, so I’m extra keen to see signs of spring on its way. Here’s what’s happening at the end of September.


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