This is a blog about setting up my edible garden on a quarter acre block in the cool temperate climate of central Victoria, Australia. We have frosty winters and hot summers which soak and harden the clay soil we all garden on in this region. In average years we have medium rainfall (by Australian standards) and much less in drought years.

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I’m starting from scratch and with limited experience but many years spent reading and dreaming, increasing by a few orders of magnitude since we bought our first home and garden in 2014. In that time, I’ve found blogs that show you what people are doing in their backyards and how they are doing it so exciting and inspiring. Blogs can go into so much more detail than books, and often the photos are so much more instructive than words alone. And I can find blogs that are dedicated to exactly the sort of edible gardening style that excites me – the home food gardener, with limited space, in a temperate climate, focussing on growing your own food and using it all.

Before I started being a full-time mother I used to do a lot of writing and editing in my paid work, and I’ve still got that strong urge to present, organise, catergorise and document things, and learning how to start an edible garden seemed liked a worthy pursuit to share. My hope is that I can help someone like me.

As I’ve read up and planned my garden over the last year, I’ve come to realise that I am really passionate about marrying formal garden design and edible gardening practices to create a garden that feels wonderful to be in and near, as well as which feeds me and my family (at least partly).

But there are a few other details I’m also a little fixated on (I may just spend most waking moments thinking about these):

  • Maximum productivity from garden space and across the year
  • Gardening for all the senses
  • Sustainable gardening
  • Heritage and rare fruits and vegetables
  • Creative gardening and stretching the limits
  • Using and preserving the harvest

The blog could also be a sneaky way to get the advice to come to me, rather than looking for it myself. So suggestions, questions and advice are warmly welcomed.

Big thanks for dropping by fellow gardeners.


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